We Are Still Here !

by FatBob on December 16, 2012

We are still here and well at 29eronline. This time of year is slow for us as we are awaiting 2013 product. So yes there is a lull in new content. However we are not sitting still. This time of year is also the prime trail building season. Donn  has been busy at our local trail San-Lee. There is a new Downhill section that has been in planning for some time now. It has about 20 jumps and 4 large berms.

Donn at work.

So yes posting is slow but we as a crew feel it is important to do our part with trail maintenance and expansion. The price is a slow period which truthfully is part of the deal with new product sparse for another month.

Starting on a berm

Looking forward to showing off some new trail in future videos. For now, thanks for your patience .  Reviews are in the works and will start coming in shortly.