The first ride of the season. Feeling a little rusty, easing down the blacktop on the way to the single track. Doing a little bunny hop to loosen up. Next thing I know, my foot flies up. Unclipped? No, the pedal just flew off the spindle leaving a trail of bearings. We went back to the car, to take stock. The pedal is not repairable - not even sure how it came apart like that. No extra pedals in the gear bag. Bummer!

xtr pedal broken 2

xtr pedal - broken

This is not just any pedal, this is my super cool Shimano XTR Trail pedal - the only XTR level piece of equipment I have ever owned. Is this my reward for buying top level stuff? Cruising Shimano’s web site, I see their standard warranty is two years. Miracle of miracles, I actually have the receipt (required). Oh wait, I’ve owned them, two years and two months. Re read the web site. Sweet! XTR level equipment has a 3 year warranty. A quick call to Shimano to confirm how it works, a trip to drop off the package and, 2 weeks later, I have brand new pedals for the price of postage. Thanks Shimano!

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Tomek February 26, 2013 at 12:18 pm

I had the same experience with my XTR pedals. Shimano honored warranty no problem.

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