Thanks Shimano!

by writerbob on February 23, 2013

The first ride of the season. Feeling a little rusty, easing down the blacktop on the way to the single track. Doing a little bunny hop to loosen up. Next thing I know, my foot flies up. Unclipped? No, the pedal just flew off the spindle leaving a trail of bearings. We went back to the car, to take stock. The pedal is not repairable - not even sure how it came apart like that. No extra pedals in the gear bag. Bummer!

photo1 e1361661151787 189x253 Thanks Shimano!

photo2 189x253 Thanks Shimano!

This is not just any pedal, this is my super cool Shimano XTR Trail pedal - the only XTR level piece of equipment I have ever owned. Is this my reward for buying top level stuff? Cruising Shimano’s web site, I see their standard warranty is two years. Miracle of miracles, I actually have the receipt (required). Oh wait, I’ve owned them, two years and two months. Re read the web site. Sweet! XTR level equipment has a 3 year warranty. A quick call to Shimano to confirm how it works, a trip to drop off the package and, 2 weeks later, I have brand new pedals for the price of postage. Thanks Shimano!