In case you have not noticed we have had alot of Specialized Bikes information. No they don't own stock in 29eronline . We spent a few days learning about their 29ers and riding them. Because of this we have alot of information to share.

The videos are of Specialized Bikes Amy Shreve. Amy, is a strong rider, male or female. She races at the Cat 1 level. Best of all she is 5 feet tall and rides a 29er. She took some convincing to turn to 29ers. She talks about it in the second video about the Myka.

Ladies especially, Amy has great information for you with regards 29ers and these videos are a nice way to get introduced to 29ers and why you may want to be on one.


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Anna October 17, 2015 at 6:39 am

Love the new Intense, however the rear tyre claacenre looks a little tight. Thoughts? Also, you say Intense have made the rear triangle of the Tracer laterally stiffer than the Spider. Do you know if they’ll adopt a similar rear triangle for future versions of the Spider? And a non-29er question, what is the saddle on the Tracer? I noticed that the Santa Cruz Tallboy was running a similar looking one too. Is it a new WTB for ’10?

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