First things first.  I do not like Specialized as a company. I don't have any real justifiable reason . The reason is personal . Now that you know  my prejudice , Ill continue.

I was actually excited to ride these big old meaty tubeless ready tires. They look like they mean business.

I added my usual 2 scoops of Stans goo and hooked up to my air compressor . Everything was going as planned , the Eskars were holding air as a tire  that is labeled 2Bliss should . Then the part of the tire that said Specialized  reared its ugly ultra corporate head . It was flat as a board in about 6 hours .

The inflation , going flat cycle went on for two days . Finally last night when I checked the tire it seamed to be holding air. Better late then never I guess. Seams kind of like their entry into the 29er world .

The next bone to pick is that these tires are not 2.3 inch tires . My calipers measure the casing width as a 2.1 . The knob width is 2.2 at best . Maybe Specialized can tell all your wives their method of measuring know for posterity.  Where are these manufacturers getting their measurements from . By the way for those so inclined the metric measure is 55.72 mm knob width and 53.39mm casing width .

The weights were 700grams each or about 1 pound 9 oz.  I find it is easier and more accurate to measure in grams . I will always try to display both measurements.

O.k. enough of the whine fest. If you can get over the sizing discrepancy and are patient with the inflation head ache these are very good tires . when I first looked at them a man that used to test Bontrager tires said they would suck in mud .

I rode in muddy conditions recently . I got a little nervous when they started to pack up with mud on the first climb of the day . This was a very wet mud . I was pleasantly surprised when during a flat section they started flinging mud all over  me and ended up cleared and ready for the next challenge .

After that they were nothing less then impressive . On our wet rooty trails that are covered in composting leaves ,the specialized Eskars hooked up .  I would still be hesitant to use these tires in really sticky mud  but I was pleasantly surprised in the muddy stuff I was in . The thing that saved these tires was that the mud was really wet . Ill keep you posted when I get a chance at some stickier mud .

So while my opinion of Specialized has not changed , these tires are really good . Ill post more when I get some more time on them including some rock crawling.

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