The Camber is a frame platform that Specialized released last season 2011. We tested it and found that for the money it was an excellent bike. Of course we felt like the Camber could be improved. For 2012 it looks like Specialized has answered all of our wishes but it seems only on their high end models.

Specialized Camber Pro 29

The Camber has 110 millimeters of travel out back and it looks like 120 millimeters up front. The front suspension is a guess as I don't have a component list to double check. This puts the Camber inline with other bikes targeted towards trail riders with more of a cross country back ground. This is a great bike for someone who needs one bike that does everything well.

The Camber is based on a value based platform but still has a high performance focus. I love seeing this as this bike fits what the majority of us do when we ride. Based on budget you can get a Camber that fits what you plan to spend as this model has the highest level of trim packages of any of Specialized suspension 29ers.

Specialized Camber 29

Some cool features that are new high end Cambers 29 are tapered steer tubes, 142 x 12 rear axle. More travel front and rear. Internal Cable routing for dropper posts on the carbon fiber models. I really like that on this model you can get a standard shock after market if you choose to. This is really a good feature if you want to buy the lower end models as upgrades can be purchased as your budget allows.

As much as I love the StumpJumper and given a choice I would buy it over the Camber, I am most excited by the Camber as it really is the working mans 29er. It has all the frills most people will ever need and promises to allow its rider to go in any direction he/she chooses to go. Value, performance, whats not to like.

Camber 29

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Tjaard July 28, 2011 at 6:09 am

PS I see a big gap in price points, missing my preferred ‘bike geak working mans level’, ie Expert level spec with aluminum frame.
Pro Carbon $ 8300
Expert Carbon $ 5100
Comp Carbon $ 3800
Comp (alloy) $ 2750 with the new frame specs
Base (alloy) $ 2200 with the old frame specs

So if you want better spec than comp, say wheels with butted spokes etc. you have to pony up $5100 for a Carbon Expert, since there is no frame only option. Which means you can get a Stumpy FSR, with better parts for less than a Camber, but it will be alloy, not carbon of course

Tjaard July 28, 2011 at 5:58 am

The Cambers get a 110 mm travel fork(might be just a spacer removal away from 120).

The highest end Camber is a Pro, not an S-Works. It has S-Works level componenents, including the new Carbon Trail Wheels, but the rear swingarm is aluminum, not a full carbon frame like an S-W bike would have(the S-W Epic and new S-W Stumpy FSR).

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