We finally moved on to a hard tail mountain bike. For all you simplicity lovers our hard tail review starts off with the 3lbs 4oz Sette Razzo frame. If you never heard of Sette then you probably have never shopped at Price Point. That is the only place I have ever seen Sette bikes. Just a funny side note You have to call a number for an American company, talk to an Indian or Middle Eastern man to buy a bike from a company that uses Italian for its branding  and is based in Nevada USA that was probably made in Taiwan. Ahhh globalization.

Sette with the updated 29eronline build. All bikes get tested with these kits even the $250.00 ones

Even with all that bouncing around the frame can still be bought for about $250.00 us including shipping. The suggested retail is supposedly $499.00. Every one knows that you would never have to actually pay that much but whatever!

Well with that out of the way the Sette Razzo looks pretty sweet. Its a nice polish aluminium frame. Nothing crazy but attractive. It is made for  a 27.2 seat post diameter, 31.8 mm derailleur; top pull top swing either low or high clamp, 68mm Bottom bracket shell, and a 1 1/8 headset.

3/4 view. Usually we run SLX disc brakes. A Couple of the guy's run the Marta's on their personnel bikes so I'll let them ride this with the Marta's.

The cable routing was refreshingly simple and set up easy. It is very straight forward. I cross the cables on the top tube, kind of a habit from the days of owning a 1998 Schwinn Homegrown factory. That's how my bike came, I liked it, so I stuck with it. No,  it doesn't add enough friction to make the rear derailleur not act right(it makes routing the rear derailleur and front derailleur cables a little easier in my opinion) .

The installation of the bottom bracket was $250.00 good. That is to say not very good. It was rough. Sette should work on this. There is really no good reason at any price point on an unpainted frame for this to happen.

Other notes: Don't lose the provided cable guide reducers. If you do you will end up having to zip tie your brake lines(open hydro or full length only) or using those annoying problem solvers. Those things are so late 90's  all your friends and shop guys will laugh at you...just don't lose them or throw them out.

3lbs 4oz and proof that Charlie Storm does actually work. Thanks again to Storm Endurance for thier help.

Lastly if you want to use a second water bottle cage along the seat tube, I would try to use a low mount(top swing) front derailleur(. If you already own a high mount, bottom swing you may have to find a water bottle cage that will span a front derailleur clamp. the cheapo Dimension one I bought worked fine. Oh yeah the frame did not come with water bottle cage bolts.

Other then that all is well in Sette land. The test frame is a medium 18" 23.74 top tube and weighs as claimed 3lbs 4oz  Link to geometry

If you cant quite read it it says 1.46kg

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FatBob August 25, 2009 at 11:15 am

Whats Up Jason! O.K the Sette is listed as being compatible with forks with 80-100mm travel. That should have an axle to crown measure of 480.8(80mm)-500.8(100mm). So any fork within this axle to crown range with a 44-46mm offset should be fine. The lower the axle to crown the faster the bike should handle. This is of course within the design criteria of the bike. Here are a couple that would work: Niner carbon & Niner Steel
Yes I realize that the Carbon version is 10mm less or so. This would not bother me but proceed with caution. Basically any suspension adjusted fork will work fine. I hope this helps.

Most custom makers like WaltWorks will make you one based on your body weight and preferences but do take a while to get.

Jason August 24, 2009 at 7:53 am

What type of rigid fork can you run on this?

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