You don’t have to be an encyclopedia of bike knowledge to know DT Swiss is a (maybe even the) big player in bike spokes, and has been for a while. If you have been trolling the internet, you have probably seen lots of positive things about their hubs and maybe their wheels. However, until Fat Bob started testing one of their forks, I can’t say as I was aware that they made forks as well. I stand corrected, and after looking at their 2013 product lineup, I think they are definitely a company with some products worth checking out. Here is some stuff on brand new products that we pulled from their 2013 press kit.


"With straight pull spokes and use specific lacing, super light hubs as well as high end rims featuring key DT Swiss technology, SPLINE® wheels make for a perfect training and racing partner." - DT Swiss

The XR and X wheels are rated as Cross Country Wheels. The XM and M wheels are rated as Mountain. All are new for 2013 model year.

XR/X 24 mm wide rim
XR 1450 SPLINE® 29
white // 1555 g

X 1600 SPLINE® 29
black // 1770 g

X 1900 SPLINE® 29
black // 2027 g

Spline Wheel 1450 model

X 1600 Spline Wheel 29 15 QR Front Wheel

X 1600 Spline 29 Wheel 135 Rear Wheel

X 1900 Spline Wheel 15 QR Front Wheel

X 1900 Spline Wheel QR 135 Rear Wheel

XR 400 29 Rim


New for 2013, you can get the well know 240s hub in a straight pull rather than standard spoke set up.

240s Hub Straight Pull

240s Hub Straight Pull

240s Hub Straight Pull 142

240s Hub - Straight Pull QR 15

350 Hub Straight Pull QR

350 Hub Straight Pull

350 Hub Straight Pull 142 rear

XMM 100/120 29 cross mountain magnesium 29

"The XMM 29er forks featuring Twin- or Single Shot damping and
ABS air spring procure more 29er speed and bigger grins." - DT Swiss

XMM 120 29 Fork

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