Ever been in the mood to mountain bike, but the weather stinks, you have recently suffered serious bodily injury, or maybe you’re just feeling lazy? Sounds like a great time to sit back and watch someone else ride. Sometimes a Youtube fix of whatever helmet cam clip pops up will serve, but sometimes I want something, well, more quality. In poking around, so far, I found two movies worth sharing. One caveat - you have to take off your 29er blinders and just be a cyclist as the bikes are not 29ers.

The first, and my favorite, is LifeCycles. As the title implies the movie expertly weaves changing of seasons, and bikes - from creation to destruction - with some amazing riding and scenery. It is shot mostly in the Pacific Northwest, so the riding reflects the rich forested terrain and downhill style you would find out there. There is also a section with a pump track where the bikes magically fly out of a wheat field. This film has won lots of awards and, when you are not going, “dang, I wish I could ride like that”, you’ll be saying “wow that shot was amazing and beautiful.”

You can download from Itunes or order a DVD.

Watching LifeCyles, I felt like I could actually ride some of the same trails, albeit much, much more slowly. Watching Where the Trail Ends, made me think I’ll stick with trails, thank you. That said, the riders featured in this film are completely amazing. Feeling like they had been there and done that in Utah, they strike out to find new places throughout the world to conquer. Red Bull was a major sponsor, if that gives a better idea what these guys are up to. The riders may be adrenaline junkies, but there is enough background included that this is more than just one clip after another of crazy lines down a mountain. The portion where they visit Nepal was especially interesting because of the struggles the riders go through just to get to where they planned on riding and how amazingly different that part of the world is.

You can download this from Itunes or order a DVD. Regardless, check out their website, as it is pretty unique.

Let us know if you have any other recommendations.

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