Marzocchi’s New 29er Fork: 140mm 29er fork.

by FatBob on September 28, 2009

Its been a long wait for this fork to be released. Marzocchi used to make a 29er fork but discontinued it a few years back. I was not impressed with the old one so the removal of it from the market place was not too heart breaking. Fast forward to 2010. With the introduction of the Niner WFO9 Marzocchi released a Niner Bikes  exclusive fork. That is how I ended up with  it.

mckinnly wfo mcr9 spec for sale 042

I believe the fork is dubbed the Marzocchi 44 tst micro. It has a 1.5- 1 1/8 inch tapered steer tube. A 15mm qr front axle helps out with the nice stiff feel of the fork. The crown is husky but not over built. It is an air shock.

The weight of the Marzocchi fork is 4 pounds 9 ounces. That isn't bad for the travel and abuse this fork is rated for.

The appearance is nice. Nothing too crazy just good old fashion black with a little brown flake in it. It matches the WFO9 Milk Dud Ano finish nicely.

The fork is fairly easy to set up just put air in one chamber based on your body weight. The manual that came with the fork has the recommended air pressure buried in it, you just have to take the time to look for it.

sort of side view.

sort of side view.

Things I did not like. First and foremost, The 15Qr axle was a little to long. On my first ride it came loose on me the whole time I was riding. Marzocchi is aware of the problem and has already sent the part out. The warranty tech's were friendly and didn't use the classic "that's the first time we have heard of that" phrase that is all to common in the bike world's warranty departments. I appreciated the responsibility of just fessing up to the problem and remedying it. Thanks Marzocchi.  If you shipped it on the day I spoke to you and not a week later(since I know you had the part) I would be really happy.

Second is that the rebound just doesn't get fast enough on this fork. It does not feel nearly as lively as my yesteryear Marzocchi's did.  I have owned about 6 Marzocchi's in the past and have sold dozens of them(probably close to a hundred in 5 years). This does not feel like the Marzocchi's that I used to love. I'll spend more time playing with it when I get the bike back, hopefully I'll get the fork to feel right. If I have to change the oil in the first month of owning this fork so that I can get it to feel right I will be really disappointed.

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Third, for a fork that is made to be on a burly bike, what's up with the 15qr. Why not go with a 20mm qr. A 29er with 140mm travel is not the greatest application for a 15 qr. I cant even get a DT Hugi 440 hub with a 15 qr axle. I had to Franken wheel and not match my front hub to my rear hub. That is really tramatic! I am crying.  I almost went and bought Chris King hubs so I could match or Industry 9's. That would have  ruined my street cred with my local shop. WHY!!! Just make a 20mm option please.

Ride report's will follow .mckinnly wfo mcr9 spec for sale 018

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