29erOnline has been intrigued with Boo Bicycles for a while - even hoped to get one to test at one point. Boo bikes are not Halloween themed bikes. Instead, Boo is short for bamboo. Here’s why the folks at Boo say this material works so well:

A bicycle should feel stiff, light, supple, and quick…but it should not be ultra-stiff, unforgiving, twitchy, and fragile. Boo Bicycles produces custom bikes that can be raced successfully at the highest levels but are designed to provide a lively, forgiving ride which increases stability and traction on descents and reduces fatigue on centuries and grand fondos.
- Boo Bikes

All that and, as an added bonus, you get to feel good that your bike was made, in part, from a renewable resource.

Problem is, the custom bikes they have been building cost, well, what custom bikes cost. In an attempt to make their ideas more accessible, the folks at Boo created Aluboo and are hoping to make the benefits of bamboo price accessible to a larger audience.

To bring the costs down they need to do a production run. To fund this, they took an innovative approach - an online fundraising platform called Kickstarter. If they meet their goal and raise enough money it will afford them the ability to properly launch production, build these bikes in quantity, and launch retail sales. If they don’t meet the goal, no money changes hands and Aluboo will remain just a dream.

So check them out on Kickstarter. They plan to build a variety of types of bikes, so this is your chance to be the only rider around on this truly innovative and totally unique bicycle. Frame sets start at $645 and run to $2,795 for a complete road race bike.

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